We support 
the understanding 
and appreciation
of Czech and international
modern and contemporary art

A Letter from the Founders

There are many issues
around us that require immediate attention and
a solution. It is within no one’s power to address all these issues at once.
Our family foundation decided to direct its attention to Czech art, we focused
our energy, experience
and financial support
in this direction.

Art is a part of our culture. Through the works of artists who lived in the past we learn to understand the former times, our roots, and the values, pains, fears, joys and passions of earlier generations; through the works of contemporary artists, we see mirrors of present-day society and of ourselves.

Czech art receives very little support from the state, corporations and individuals. This is another reason why we decided to help where others don’t.

We had thought about setting up an art museum in Prague for several years. It materialized when we got the opportunity to buy a building in Prague’s Klarov area. We realized very soon that the building had the potential to become a unique exhibition space for a leading Czech museum of art.

Our goal is not to create a memorial house for our collection, but rather a cultural institution that will be open to all who seek inspiration in art. Our museum will be a platform for people who wish to engage in a dialogue about art. It will be a favorite meeting place for people of all generations looking for inspiration, learning and relaxation.

We are gradually building an international team of curators, and a professional management who will be offering Czech and international visitors to Prague a special experience with exhibitions of Czech and international art of the 20th century and selected contemporary art exhibitions. Our goal will be to present quality exhibitions with a highly innovative concept.

We named this project Kunsthalle Praha. By connecting the generally accepted German term for an art museum and the original Czech name of our capital, we wanted to create a name that emphasizes the intertwining of Czech, German and Jewish cultures in the first half of the 20th century in our country. This mix was the creative incubator for Czech modern art.

We established Kunsthalle Praha as an endowment fund, a non-profit organization with the goal to fulfill our vision. The entire project is independent of public financing; it is funded primarily by our family foundation and the gifts of Kunsthalle Praha’s friends. We would be very glad if this project inspires you, too, and if you join your efforts with ours. We need enthusiastic and professional employees, and expert support in many areas. We welcome opportunities to cooperate with other local and international cultural institutions, galleries and individual art collectors.

We believe that our efforts will make a difference.

Petr Pudil and Pavlína Pudil


Petr Pudil
Founder and Chairman
of the Board of Directors

Co-creates the Foundation's strategy, approves grants, reflects on the key issues of the Foundation's development and approves the overall direction of the Foundation and its activities.

Pavlína Pudil
Founder and Member
of the Board of Directors

Co-creates the Foundation's strategy, approves grants, reflects on the key issues of the Foundation's development and approves the overall direction of the Foundation and its activities.

Radomír Johanna
Member of the Board
of Directors                            

Co-creates the Foundation's strategy and is responsible for managing the corporate and legal issues related to the development of the Foundation and Kunsthalle Praha.

Ivana Goossen
Chief Executive Officer                                          

Manages all activities of the Pudil Family Foundation and Kunsthalle Praha.

Legal Entities and Financial Information

The Pudil Family Foundation

The Pudil Family Foundation was established in 2014 by Mr. Petr Pudil and Mrs. Pavlína Pudil. The Foundation's purpose is to support the realization of innovative and professional exhibition projects presenting Czech modern and contemporary art in the context of the development of international art, as well as other projects related to Czech art.

Kunsthalle Praha

The Kunsthalle Praha Endowment Fund was established by the The Pudil Family Foundation
in October 2015.

Kunsthalle Praha Services 

Kunsthalle Praha Services was founded by The Pudil Family Foundation. The company covers those profitable projects whose revenues are exclusively used to support the non-profit activities of Kunsthalle Praha and The Pudil Family Foundation. 


Property Klárov

The company Property Klárov is owned by 
The Pudil Family Foundation. The company owns the building and related land located at 
Pod Bruskou 2, Prague 1.