"Czech Art" Book Series

Supporting scholarly research of the history of 20th century Czech art is one of the pillars of the Foundation’s educational activities. We will be sharing the outcomes of these research projects with the academic and general public by publishing a book series named “Czech Art”.

Czech Art is a series of monographs dedicated to the life, work and legacy of individual Czech artists. Through these representative monographs we would like to bring the wider public closer primarily to those artists who are not yet adequately presented in research and publications. In addition, we will be presenting artists who have been researched already, but the respective publications have been unavailable on the book market in the long term.

The Czech Art series is authored by art historians working in the Czech Republic or abroad who have permanent or emeritus connections with reputable scholarly institutions. The Czech Art book series is created both for expert audiences and the wider public. It draws on scholarly research of original source documents and materials while presenting the artist in a broader context that is relevant to a wider spectrum of readers. The publications result from research of ego documents, specialized literature and publications from the artist’s lifetime available in archives and other record-keeping institutions. By leveraging newly available research opportunities and updating existing information, the publications will shed new light and introduce new angles on the artist’s life and work.

Each monograph will include a complete or selective catalogue raisonné (list of the artist’s works). The owners of artworks by artists supported in this project may register these artworks to be considered for inclusion in the catalogues and monographs.

At present, the following artists’ monographs are being prepared: Vincenc Beneš, Oldřich Blažíček, Emil Filla, Vojtěch Hynais, Antonín Chittussi, František Janoušek, Jiří Kars, Jiří John, Mikuláš Medek, Grigorij Musatov, Karel Souček, Václav Radimský and Václav Zykmund. The project is realized in cooperation with Academia (the publishing house of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), and KODL Gallery.