František Skála Opened His Rugged Stand in Malostranské náměstí

František Skála supplemented his exhibition in the nearby Waldstein Riding School with a ‘Rugged Stand’, where passers-by can pause for refreshment or explore prepared artefacts. The artist created this unusual, six-meter-tall sculpture from a three hundred years old oak tree trunk. Ondřej Kobza, the well-known Prague café owner, will be providing us with his service. 

The Rugged Stand is intended as a place for meetings and unexpected interactions, while at the same time providing physical and spiritual refreshment. František Skála has brought a piece of wild nature into the commercial, touristic environment of Prague’s Lesser Town with its many kiosks and stalls. As well as supplementing his exhibition Riding School, the installation is also a part of the Sculpture Line festival. 

František Skála’s Rugged Stand in Malostanské náměstí is open for refreshments until 3 September 2017 – the closing date of his Riding School exhibition. The project was created with the support of The Pudil Family Foundation. 

The Pudil Family Foundation is an open non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Czech and international modern and contemporary art through the realization of innovative exhibitions, research and educational projects. 

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