The Pudil Family Foundation
Promoting the understanding
and appreciation of Czech art.

"It is a good and beautiful thing to work on this earth, whatever useful thing you do, but there is one thing just as good and beautiful, and that is to observe. To observe, to see, to discover, is a great and creative act, but it requires elevation, and one who cannot rise cannot really see."

K. Čapek (1923)

The Pudil Family Foundation is an open non-profit organization dedicated to supporting high-quality, innovative exhibitions, research projects and educational activities that promote the understanding and appreciation of Czech and international modern and contemporary art.

"Art is a part of our culture. Looking at the works of artists from the past, we learn to understand our history, our roots, the passions and fears of former generations. And through contemporary art we can see mirrors of our present society and ourselves. Czech art is an area that receives very little support from the state, from businesses or individuals. This is one more reason why we decided to focus on Czech art, we concentrated our energy, experience and financial support in this direction."

Petr Pudil

The Pudil Family Foundation

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Ivana Goossen
Chief Executive Officer

The Blox Administrative Building
Evropská 2758 / 11
160 00 Prague 6

+420 220 183 815

Arriving by public transport

Tram stop Dejvická

Metro line A, Dejvická Metro Station
Take metro exit towards Evropská Street

Office location and parking

The offices of the The Pudil Family Foundation and Kunsthalle Praha are temporarily located in the premises of bpd partners  in the Blox Administrative Building. Parking is available in the building's underground parking garage upon prior agreement.