Last Chance To See the Exhibition of 19th Century Art in the Salm Palace

This is our last opportunity to visit the exhibition of 19th Century Art from Neoclassicism to Romanticism in the Salm Palace, which closes at the beginning of October. The National Gallery in Prague will make the artworks accessible again in a few years in the Trade Fair Palace, where the paintings will be integrated into the international context of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

The exhibition includes the most important paintings and sculptures from the period of neoclassicism and romanticism. Works by Bohemian artists such as the Mánes family, Adolf Kosárek, Josef Navrátil and Jaroslav Čermák are supplemented by those of Austrian and German authors such as Caspar David Friedrich.

We can visit 19th Century Art from Neoclassicism to Romanticism up until 1 October 2017. The exhibition is supported by The Pudil Family Foundation.

Jaroslav Čermák, Portrait of Josef Navrátil, 1852-1853
Jaroslav Čermák, Portrait of Josef Navrátil, 1852-1853
Josef Mánes, Morn, 1857
Josef Mánes, Morn, 1857
Josef Navrátil, Quince, 1853
Josef Navrátil, Quince, 1853

Adolf Kosárek, Countryside with a Wooden Bridge, 1858
Adolf Kosárek, Countryside with a Wooden Bridge, 1858

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