The Pudil Family Foundation supported the exhibition Cranach from All Sides

The exhibition Cranach from All Sides presents German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder and his circle via unique works from the collections of the National Gallery in Prague complemented by highlights from the research of a team of experts from the Cranach Digital Archive Düsseldorf led by Gunnar Heydenreich.

The exhibition reveals important discoveries regarding the most precious works from the collections of the National Gallery in Prague and presents the Cranach workshop as an ingeniously organized unit based on precise working methods. A strong emphasis is placed on the interactive part of the exhibition, where visitors have an opportunity to try painting like Cranach. Visitors can enjoy a rich accompanying program including guided tours and lectures led by experts from various fields. The Pudil Family Foundation supported the exhibition as a main partner.

The exhibition Cranach from All Sides is open daily from 10 am until 6 pm (except for Mondays) at the Šternberg Palace in Prague until 22 January 2017.

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