The Trade Fair Palace Becomes an Island for Women’s Art

Katharina Grosse - Wunderbild, 2018.
Katharina Grosse - Wunderbild, 2018.

As part of its Grand Opening 2018, the National Gallery in Prague will bring five new exhibitions to the scene, led by artists Katharina Grosse, Maria Lassnig and Patricia Dauder. The National Gallery is continuing its new programme focus, which intends to enrich the Czech scene with international projects and tailor-made works for the Trade Fair Palace. New shows and a concert by the Slovak alternative singer Katarína Máliková can be enjoyed on 15 February at 7pm at the Trade Fair Palace.

Katharina Grosse - Wunderbild, 2018.
Katharina Grosse - Wunderbild, 2018.

Ai Weiwei’s Law of the Journey, currently in the Big Hall of the Trade Fair Palace will be replaced with Katharina Grosse’s Wunderbild, which has been created specifically for the space. The German artist works with industrial pistols which spray intense colors on various surfaces. Her art connects the gallery space with the public space, and so her colours pour into the gallery cafe until they escape outside the Trade Fair Palace.

Maria Lassnig - Double Self-Portrait with a Camera, 1974.
Maria Lassnig - Double Self-Portrait with a Camera, 1974.

In the first floor of the palace, we can recall the more than seventy-year career of Austrian artist Marie Lassnig (1919-2014). The retrospective exhibition covers all phases and types of her work - from abstract and experimental images over progressive films to sculptures, drawings and watercolours. In her work, Maria Lassnig examined the body as well as self-portrayal, and became one of the pioneers of women’s liberation in the art world.

Maria Lassnig - Breakfast with an Ear, 1967.
Maria Lassnig - Breakfast with an Ear, 1967.

The eighth chapter of the Moving Image Department cycle ties into the retrospective exhibition with My Animation Is An Artform. Maria Lassnig, film creator. Maria Lassnig’s animations and films examine elements of her life, technology and the position of women in society. At the same time, Lukáš Karbus responds to Maria Lassnig’s film oeuvre with his new large-format watercolour. 

Lukáš Karbus - Blinded and Focused, 2016/2017, watecolour on paper.
Lukáš Karbus - Blinded and Focused, 2016/2017, watecolour on paper.

The long-term project Introducing presents the multimedia work of the Spanish artist Patricia Dauder for her show Surface. The sixth Poetry Passage presents the image poetry of Radek Brousil, accompanied by a video by the Belgian artist Johan Grimonpreze.

Patricia Dauder - Balm, 2012, balm wood.
Patricia Dauder - Balm, 2012, balm wood.

The five new exhibitions, which were created with the support of The Pudil Family Foundation, can be found in the Trade Fair Palace from 15 September to 9 September 2018.

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