Magdalena Jetelová Touches Our Uncertain Times

With her unique sculptural, almost architectural exhibition Touch of Time, Magdalena Jetelová reacts to the space of the Small Hall of the Trade Fair Palace and invites us to explore the relationship between uncertainty and certainty, danger and safety. The gleaming surfaces of her simulated contour lines, in combination with laser beams and mirrors, permeate the entire space, which simultaneously becomes a part of the artwork.     

Although viewers are not admitted to the first level of the exhibition, as if some danger was lurking there, from the mezzanine level above we can watch the dramatic installation from a safe distance. Here the exhibition continues with large-scale, dynamic sculptures that seem both rough-and-ready and at the same time sensitive to the nature of the space and social situation, challenging our definition of three-dimensional art. 

Magdalena Jetelová: Touch of Time runs from 17 March to 31 August 2017 in the Small Hall and mezzanine of the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery, daily except Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm. The exhibition was created with the support of The Pudil Family Foundation. 

The Pudil Family Foundation is an open non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Czech and international modern and contemporary art through the realization of innovative exhibitions, research and educational projects. 

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