Kunsthalle Praha: Collection Manager

Kunsthalle Praha is looking for the right person for the position of Collection Manager

Christelle Havranek appointed Curator at Kunsthalle Praha

Christelle Havranek has been appointed Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Kunsthalle Praha. Following a public selection procedure announced by the Board of Directors, Christelle Havranek was nominated by a special committee.

The Pudil Family Foundation Supported the Exhibition Douanier Rousseau: Painter's Paradise Lost

After exceptionally positive visitors‘ reviews of the well-known Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the exhibited works from the iconic naïve painter Henri Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier (customs officer), will be displayed in the Kinský palace on the Old Town Square.

Fine Arts Will Enliven Chateau Prčice in June

This summer Chateau Prčice will host for the first time the Prčice Art Symposium P.S. 0. The Chateau’s former Director’s office building will now transform into studios for five renowned painters who will spend a week there creating several new artworks. Then, for a month starting Sunday, June 26th, the Chateau’s stables will open as a public gallery for the newly created works, while the main building of the castle will exhibit other works from the artists’ studios. The Prčice Art Symposium P. S. 0 is organized under the auspices and with the financial support of The Pudil Family Foundation.

Masterpieces by Toyen and Štyrský from the Pudil Family Foundation on View in the Permanent Exhibition of the National Gallery in Prague

Selected works of modern art from renowned private collections are on temporary loan to the National Gallery’s permanent exhibition at the Trade Fair Palace. The initiative, called Echoes of Generosity, is a follow-up to the exhibition Generosity: The Art of Giving, which commemorated the National Gallery’s 220th anniversary.

The Pudil Family Foundation supported the exhibition Cranach from All Sides

The exhibition Cranach from All Sides presents German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder and his circle via unique works from the collections of the National Gallery in Prague complemented by highlights from the research of a team of experts from the Cranach Digital Archive Düsseldorf led by Gunnar Heydenreich.

The Pudil Family Foundation supported the exhibition Vanity Fair. Academy of Fine Arts Graduates 2016

This exhibition will introduce works by the 2016 graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) in Prague. Every year, around forty artists working in eighteen different studios graduate from the Academy. The exhibition presents a wide range of artistic approaches, and all the works aim to achieve maximum effect on the viewer. Each of the exhibited artists seeks to create a significant artwork that brings their studies to a close while opening a new stage in their artistic and personal development.

Call for Applications: Selection of Photographer for the “Czech Art” Book Series’ Covers

Kunsthalle Praha is looking to establish long-term cooperation with a photographer to co-create the book covers of the "Czech Art" Book Series.

Aleš South Bohemian Gallery’s exhibition presents three surrealistic artworks from the foundation's collection

Aleš South Bohemian Gallery’s exhibition of the season opened on May 15, 2016 at the Hluboká nad Vltavou chateau in South Bohemia. Amongst the artworks presented in “Beauty will be convulsive / Surrealism in the Czechoslovakia 1933–1939” are three masterpieces from the The Pudil Family Foundation’s collection: Toyen’s “Dream”, and Jindrich Styrsky’s “Roots” and “The Ever Present Eye”.

The Pudil Family Foundation supported the exhibition “Emperor Charles IV 1316–2016"

King of the Czech lands, Roman Emperor and a truly cosmopolitan man, Charles IV connects countries and cultures again thanks to the jubilee exhibition “Emperor Charles IV 1316–2016”. Dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Charles’s birthday, the exhibition results from the research and cooperation of the Czech National Gallery with leading local and international historical and cultural institutions. The Pudil Family Foundation supported the National Gallery in the role of main partner.